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Australian rugby player David Williams in white Calvin Kleins


Australian rugby player David Williams in white Calvin Klein guys underwear.

Rugby is one of the sexiest sports because it’s so rough and tumble and the guys who play it are inevitably in incredible shape. Those little shorts don’t hurt either.

Aussie rugby stud David Williams says he’s grateful for his gay fans: “I like my gay fans and I’m thankful for their support – we need all the support we can get.”

He also says he prefers having a beard to being clean shaven and that he doesn’t have a pair of lucky underwear. We’re not so sure about that because David Williams looks pretty lucky in these white Calvin Klein Pro Stretch briefs. They look pretty stretched…

Mens G String

Instead of new pair of mensgstrings for Christmas, I am trying a Jock Thong. Living up to it’s Almost Naked name, the new Andrew Christian Almost Naked Jock Thong is as much a treat for the eyes as it is to wear. Released in two colour options – a Black and a White, this jock manages to tick about every box you need to to create a piece of sexy mens underwear.

Man Store G String Underwear

We’ve never made any attempt to hide just how much we love the MANstore g string underwear

 with it’s super close fitting and very contoured pouch and teeny 2cm thong back, but even we have to admit that after a while we were ready for something new. Not maybe a different style, but maybe a few more colours to mix things up.

There are three new colour ranges which include a Royal Blue colour, a gorgeous rich Magneta Purple and for those of you who love things super bright there’s Inka Yellow g-string.

Now if these super bright numbers can’t bring a smile to your face on even the coolest of Winter days nothing is going to be able to!

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