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Aussie Bums MyDAY collection

This week Australian guys underwear  giant aussieBum is releasing their MyDAY collection. The collection is a strictly limited run days of the week collection. Don’t know what to wear? Well you won’t have to think about it with the MyDAY collection. aussieBum will have you covered all seven days of the week. The collection comes in both briefs and hipsters and is being released one day at a time this week. The briefs retail for around $13 and the hipsters around $15 each. That’s a great deal for aussieBum gear.

10th annual Halloween Giveaway.

International Jock’s most exciting and most popular event of the year is happening now. This is their 10th annual Halloween Giveaway.  They’re giving away guys underwear, men’s swimwear, t-shirts and more with every order placed from now until Halloween. It’s International Jock’s way of thanking their customers and celebrating one of the world’s most popular holidays.

Baskit new guys underwear range

These new guys underwear trunks from Baskit truly live up to the collection’s name - SNUG FIT.  Like the name implies, they are seamless.  Instead of having seams all over which adds bulk to the garment, the whole thing is knitted as one piece and has a special pouch knit right into the garment that is designed to expand to your body shape.  In fact, the whole thing is designed to expand to your body.
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